View Full Version : Blue KoAloha?

10-22-2016, 02:24 PM
This was on KoAloha's Twitter feed tonight...


10-22-2016, 02:53 PM
Yep, their Facebook page shows the video where they dyed the wood blue. :)


10-23-2016, 05:41 AM
These look fantastic. I know black label are braced different and custom made in batches. How does one go about getting such a ukulele? Is there a long wait list? Are they only for export to Japan? Seems to me that I read something like that in a previous thread. I could be wrong. More info if anyone knows

10-23-2016, 09:37 AM
That uke definitely has the blues.
When I heard about it, I could hardly blueieve it.
It really blue me away.
Too bad they didn't include a blueper reel at the end of the video.
I'm a blueiver.

Maybe they'll send me that uke as a deal to get me to stop trying to be punny.

It reminded me of that new blue soprano OX Martin came up with....not that the ukes are alike, just that it's blue and I was a bit surprised to see it too.

Chopped Liver
10-23-2016, 09:44 AM
Man, if I was rich, that blue one would be mine!!!!!!!!!