View Full Version : FS - Pono Concert All Mahogany - Satin Finish - includes Uke Crazy HardCase

11-02-2016, 04:10 AM
I am selling my Pono Concert Ukulele. It is their all mahogany satin model.

Asking SOLD which includes a Uke Crazy HardCase (faux leather NOT canvas) and shipping anywhere in the CONUS. The photos show an Oahu Case, but it is not part of this offering.

I will upload photos of the Uke Crazy HardCase later today.

I bought it in late May 2015 from HMS. It is a nice midrange instrument.
Here is the link to the current listing at HMS

Reason for selling: Recently purchased a Koaloha Opio Acacia Concert and I also have a Bruko Jumbo Concert. I don't really have room to keep this uke and I also am not playing it as much as it should be played.

It has always been stored in a conditioned hard case and has been very well cared for. The condition is basically new. No dings, scratches, or strum marks. Currently stung with Ko'olau 'Alohi strings.

Thanks for looking!

11-02-2016, 11:42 PM
Today's price is $265.

Photos of the hard case below.

11-03-2016, 09:08 AM
looking for a tenor, sorry.

11-04-2016, 12:22 AM
I have the one with a pickup and also the Alohi strings. As fine a little mahogany concert as you'll likely get for this kind of money, especially since case and shipping are included.

11-04-2016, 11:49 AM
I finally had a chance to upload some photos of the hard case.
The photos are above - Post #2

11-07-2016, 01:44 AM
Monday price drop.
Now $260
Includes new faux leather case and shipping to CONUS.

11-12-2016, 12:30 AM
Weekend bump and price adjustment.
Now $255.

11-12-2016, 04:10 AM
Has to be someone wanting a solid wood concert in this price range, and with a hard case yet. Can't believe it's not sold yet.

11-12-2016, 04:58 AM
Pm has been sent

11-13-2016, 07:25 AM
This item has sold!
Thank you to everyone who commented, PM'd me or otherwise made contact to inquire about buying!