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11-23-2016, 09:35 PM
Hi everyone,

I recall that someone was cool to create a PDF that showed how to tune your uke to make it sound like a lute and had chord shapes.

However, I can't seem to find the post with the PDF docs in question.

All I remember was that you tuned down one of the strings (the C string I believe was tuned down to a B) and you would use the G-chord shape one set of strings over to pull off a D chord, so a D would be:


rather than:


Anyone remember this post and can possibly link me to it?


Michael N.
11-23-2016, 10:53 PM
The renaissance lute is tuned just like a guitar except that string 3 (the G on a guitar) is tuned to F#, it's dropped a semi tone.
I don't think it makes it sound more like a lute though, it just means that you can play from lute tablature directly, without having to make any adjustments.
The Uke's sound is closer to a lute than any modern guitar is.

11-23-2016, 11:02 PM
I think this is the thread you are looking for (try the search box!):

Lute tuning for the Uke (http://forum.ukuleleunderground.com/showthread.php?122605-Lute-tuning-for-the-Uke-with-chord-sheet&highlight=lute)

Lutes have 6 or more strings so most pieces will in any case have to be rearranged for the uke. Jamie Holding has done some (you can contact him through his Facebook page) and so has Wilfried Wulti. In fact it was hearing what these two could do with a ukulele that decided me to take it up myself.

Frustrated lutenist!

Croaky Keith
11-24-2016, 12:21 AM

Don't forget to thank 'engravertom'. :)