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12-01-2016, 01:13 PM
So I have been playing my godin quite a bunch, with a cheap small behringer amp. Tons of fun, finally loosening up with my playing.

Now that I'm focusing on tone more than technique, I am wondering if what kind of amp and pedal I might use to produce sounds like this:

12-01-2016, 01:37 PM
The Link Wray song has overdrive.

The White Stripes song has either overdrive or a very light distortion.

The Roly Poly song is using either a Spring Reverb or Plate Reverb, and with the treble rolled back, most likely played on a Gretsch or Gibson Sheraton or Gibson ES335 semi-hollow-body electric guitars, and sounds like Alnico P90 pickups to me.

Having said that, ALL of the above sounds like electric guitars, and thus steel strings and magnetic pickups.

Your Godin, if the MultiUke, has no steel strings (nylon or fluorocarbon instead) and uses the RMC piezo saddle pickups and nice preamp which should take care of any impedance matching going into any guitar effects.

A cheap way to get started is with a multi-effect pedal such as the Zoom G1Xon, which has lots of effects built-in as well as an expression pedal and also a headphone jack so you can practice without raising the the dead or annoying the neighbors and is only $70 here http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/G1Xon

Lots of YT videos can show you the sound. As to the sound, I have the big brother to this one, the Zoom MS-BT100, and they use the same chip and same programs for their sounds, and Zoom has some of the best reverbs, transparent compression I have seen in this price range, and the pedal I have works well with a piezo that is first going into a preamp (your MultiUke has a preamp so you should be ok).

Hope this helps. :)