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12-03-2016, 05:03 AM
I'm new to this forum, and to building ukes. So I have a question.
I have 2 plans that I am building a uke from. One is from Hana Lima 'ai, in Hawaii, and one is by S Antes.
I know that building techniques vary, but the Hana Lima plan shows a sound hole patch - a piece of 90 thousandths top wood installed on the back side of the sound hole - while the Antes plans do not have this patch. I am not sure which way to go, and am concerned that a patch will have a dampening effect on the sound. What do you guys do? Any recommendations?

12-03-2016, 10:59 AM
There is a Luthiers forum farther down the forum list, might see if an admin can move your post.

Dan Gleibitz
12-04-2016, 12:29 AM
Hello Storo and welcome to the forum. I agree with Padlin - you'll get a better response on the Luthiers/Builders forum.

I wouldn't worry too much either way. That patch adds a little strength in a weaker area, but most ukes will do just fine without it. On the other hand, gluing it in will have very little if any impact on sound as it sits between two rather rigid braces.

Either way, good on you for learning to build. I'm new to it too, and my first build was the most fun and rewarding thing I've done in ages. Good luck!

12-04-2016, 08:12 AM
Thanks for your thoughts. I am going to repost in the luthier section as recommended. Your view of this question sounds right. I've built other instruments, mandolins, but these are my first ukes. I'm making 2, one for each of my grand kids. One will be rosewood w/spruce top and look like a Martin D28, the other will be toasted Birdseye maple w/spruce top.
I will try to post pics as I progress.
Thanks again for your help!!