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Captain Simian
12-10-2016, 12:44 PM
The last electric guitar that I bought was my MIJ Tele back in... 2006? Since then I really haven't had the urge or found anything I really liked. Last week I was in Guitar Center when I stumbled across this Gibson SG. It's called a 50's Tribute which struck me as odd since the SG didn't come out until '60 or '61. The back of the headstock is stamped PROTOTYPE below the serial number. No one could really tell me the history but it is a real Gibson. Eventually I'll get around to contacting them to find out the story. Anyways, I plugged her in and within 5 minutes I knew I had to have her, especially for what they were asking. My CFO was shocked that I wasn't calling about a uke.


Speaking of my CFO, she brought me a present this morning. She was cruising yard sales and found me this Goya G-13 classical. After cleaning her up and restringing her with some D'Addario hard tension classicals I've decided this one's a keeper. Solid spruce over solid mahogany and a rosewood fretboard.


Look at how pretty the mahogany is on back.


Beautiful checking.


12-31-2016, 08:41 AM
Kudos to your wife for snagging that beauty for you!! Look at the BEARCLAW in the spruce top! Gorgeous mahogany as well! It looks really clean all around, even the fretboard and the back of the neck. You got a winner!

I have a deep fondness for Goyas, my first really playable guitar was an already old G-10. I ended up having custody of two more, sold one, gave one back to the original owner, and swapped the oldest to a kid for his mountain bike that he wasn't riding. It had a case but the dumbass left it on the floor and put his foot in it in the middle of the night. It was likely a '50s model with all the finish checking and wear it carried. Then I had an old Alvarez for a few more years. Then had no time and gave up. Ukes led me back. I hunted sporadically for a Goya out of nostalgia for a year or more, and finally ran across an old F-7 all solid flamed maple Flamenco guitar. If I had a house where I could make one wall a display case, I'd look for a nice G-10 or a 13 like your lovely find, just to have it on the wall as functional art. ;)