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12-19-2016, 07:38 AM
I received this from BlackBearUkes about two weeks ago.
I wanted to live with it for awhile before posting anything.
Unfortunately I can not seem to rotate the photo.
Sorry for any sore necks.
From what I understand he is not making ULO's any more.
You guys really missed out!
The sound is surprising, much louder than you would think.
It is very bright but not over the top.
The intonation is dead on thru the entire neck.
The action is approximately 3.5mm at the 12th fret, perfect for both picking and strumming.
The fit and finish are great and the frets are nicely dressed.
All in all, a very nice uke.
This will definitely get a lot of playtime!

Thank you Duane for thinking outside the box!

12-19-2016, 09:43 AM
Congratulations Stagehand, that's a little beauty.

12-19-2016, 10:11 AM
That is hauntingly cool. Sweet NUD!