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12-24-2016, 12:13 PM
Next week I will receive a Yasuma Tiple, (Martin T28 copy from the 1970s). It looks like it will be a nice and interesting addition for me. I was wondering if anyone was using a dropped tuning, (B flat or lower). I have seen some mention of nylon strings and would like to know if anyone has a sound bite or list of strings that have worked well for them, (I will probably stay with steel). The 3 octave strings should help with tension and playing ease. I plan to play it fingerstyle. Any advice would be appreciated.


12-25-2016, 06:28 AM
I have a Martin and a Yasuma. I hated playing either of them with steel strings. I have Aquila whites on both, and they are DGBE rather than GCEA tuning. The Yasuma has octave apart strings on all four Ee AaA DdD Gg, so it is a semi-cuatro tuned tiple. If I did a lot of finger picking I would reverse the first string to have it as gG. Tuned up GCEA is a finger killer.

Jim Yates
12-25-2016, 08:04 AM
Mine is an old Regal, made in Chicago. I tune it gG-cCc-eEe-aa, ukulele tuning. I use steel strings and like the sound. I have considered switching to nylgut, but want to record a tune before I replace the strings. I use my fingers to play, but don't play finger-style. I have used it only as a rhythm instrument so far.


12-25-2016, 08:27 AM
I play mine as a strummer. Playing melodies can be done, but takes some refined skill because of the octaves.
I use steel strings in "C" tuning and usually use a pick to save my fingers. Mine is an Ohana tiple.

12-25-2016, 10:51 PM
In my experience, tiples like higher tunings better, they sing in D tuning more than in C.

12-29-2016, 10:57 AM
Thank you for the advice. This one definitely should not be tuned down. It plays very easily, but I decided to restring it as an 8 string, G3 G4, C3 C4, E4 E4, A3 A3. I may change it back to a 10 string at some time, but it sounds great and this setup seems better for fingerstyle. I made no permanent alterations. The phone picture fails to do the instrument justice with it's nice bear-claw spruce top and rosewood back and sides.