View Full Version : The Keys of Jake Shimabukuro (Travels)

12-24-2016, 10:06 PM
I checked keys of Jake Shimabukuro. I use his CD "Travels" and its ukulele score "Jake Shimabukuro Travels" published by Yamaha music corporation and my ukulele.

The results are shown below.

Departure Suite - part 1 Am & A
Train Ride G & C
Low Rider D & C
Travels Dm
Interlude Am (F-Bb-D-G tuning)
Passport C
Hi’ilawe G
Everything Is Better WithYou D
Departure Suite - parts 2 & 3 E
Oama G
I’ll Be There F
Haven’t We Been Here Before? Dm
Interlude ⅡC (F-Bb-D-G tuning)
Kawika Dm
Red Eye Em
Ichigo Ichie G
Dinner And A Movie G

https://s27.postimg.org/x90ybtec3/combine_images.png (https://postimg.org/image/fvqnwyj0v/)upload an image (https://postimage.org/)

I think the results may confirm that the ukulele is very much C instrument. I am very happpy that there are 4 songs who's keys are F. F is bit hard key for guitar because it has F and Bb chord, which are hard to play. But it is easy to play in ukulele. Any way I have to practice C G and F keys frist.