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01-02-2017, 11:41 AM


Pictures can be seen here.


These are pictures taken by me a couple of days ago outside in the sun. There are lots of shadows, which is tough to hide on a glossy Uke.


These are pictures taken by the previous owner that I used when I bought it. He also include two videos of him playing it. The only difference is it will be with a different hard case.

************************************************** *******

Next up in my carousel of Ukulele sales is the Kanile'a K2-SC. This is an upgraded Koa super concert or a long neck concert. For those who are not familiar with this type of Uke, it has a concert body and the 17 inch tenor scale (as compared to the 15 inch scale of a concert), so there is extra room on the fret board. This is my favorite type as it still gives the Uke sound of the concert, but with the roominess of a tenor. I have 3 other concert long necks so this one is now available.

Look at the wood and cosmetics for this:

• Select Koa Body
• Koa Top, Back, and Sides
• Rosewood Fret Board and Bridge
• Paua Abalone Position Dots on Front and Side of Fret Board
• Tortoise Binding on the Front
• Black/White /Black Rosette
• South American Mahogany Neck
• LR Baggs 5.0 Amplification System - Added after by luthier.
• U-V Cured High Gloss Finish
• NuBone Nut and Saddle
• Custom Chrome Geared Kanile'a Tuning Keys
• Black Bridge Pins
• Kanile'a Unique Rounded Back
• Hard Shell Case

Built in March 2013, here is your chance to obtain a beautiful instrument, from someone who knows how to take care of one and provided it with a non smoking home.

I have thought about this for a number of months and I just can't justify keeping an instrument of this quality and price as a second or third in my lineup.

The condition is excellent, except for little bumps and scratches that occur during playing. Also, one of the dots fell off of the bridge pins and it's an easy fix. If you are looking for a pristine, never been used Uke, this one is not it. This was played and it was enjoyed. You will want to do the same with it.

The Uke comes with a hard shell case and the very popular LR Baggs 5.0 amplification system. This is a welcome addition and adds quite a bit of cost to the Uke.

Long neck concert Ukes of this quality do not come up very often. Get it now.

Check me out. I buy and sell a lot around here and have plenty of friends, happy traders, buyers, and sales here and on FMM.

$875 OBO shipped in the CONUS.

Thanks for reading.

01-02-2017, 02:01 PM
The great Lenny is back! :bowdown::bowdown:

01-04-2017, 08:17 AM
The great Lenny is back! :bowdown::bowdown:

Aw Brenda, I'm blushing. Thank you.

I really don't want to move this on, but it's time to reduce. The MM sold last week. Now it's the Kanile'a's turn. Someone is going to get a great Uke at a great price. I've had some interest, but no one has pulled the trigger yet.

01-04-2017, 10:35 AM
$875 Canadian. Lol

01-04-2017, 10:58 AM
$875 Canadian. Lol

:confused: :rolleyes:


01-04-2017, 11:59 AM
Sweet uke Lenny! Not in the market at the moment or I'd be interested in trying this out! Best of luck with the sale! Mark

01-05-2017, 04:21 PM
*** Sale Pending ***


01-05-2017, 04:40 PM
This is now sold.

Thank you.