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01-11-2017, 03:41 AM
I remember the 60's but I was not really there! In 1970 I Turned 16 and obtained a drivers license. This freedom of movement opened my horizons in many ways. I started to explore the World! The next year in English Class we were assigned a year long project with two other students to do an in depth study of one literary figure. In our case my mates, Bruce and Lorie picked out Eugene O'Neill, the American Playwright. His works were to be found in the local college library so I obtained a library card and started researching five nights a week. The Library was a great place but the College Campus was even better. It was here that I became acquainted with the Counter-Culture. I became a member of the International film Club. Started a long career as a denizen of the Coffee Houses and Started to hangout with the Disc Jockeys at the College Radio Station and Other Things. All manner of music entered my ears along with the commentary and sophistication of folks several years older than I. It is where I first became aware of a wonderful band Called the Grateful Dead. I soon became a Dead Head and remain one nearly fifty years later!