View Full Version : Pretty decent cheap uke

04-23-2009, 10:59 AM
I was at my local music store today and they recently got in the full line of cheapest Lanikai ukes minus the tenor...They have pineapple sop, sop, conc, and two baritones of various laminate combos...I was actually reasonably impressed, most noteably with the concert and baritones....the concert being like 120bucks (marked down to 80 i think) I really liked how warm the concert sounded, definately my prefered tone...I was tuning them by ear more or less, and they weren't spot on so i can't say anything about intonation problems up the neck... Honestly wish i had enough money for the concert, but even that is out of my price range *and likely better spent on something nicer...oh well i'll have a mainland concert within the month! one day i will have a pool filled with ukuleles and i shall swim laps...painful, yet melodious laps....that reminds me...

Along the lines of "when i'm a rich uke player" As we all know More BEttah ukes are amazingly gorgeous and horrifyingly (justifiably) expensive...I figured i'll get three ukes from them some day...one with the most insainely expensive woods and inlay...and two more with inlayed large arrows....so i can hang them up together, with the amazing one in the middle, and the other two with the arrows pointing at them....being $6000 signs....oh frivolity!

04-23-2009, 06:01 PM
I got my Lanikai concert on musiciansfriend.com i ordered some guitar strings and a few other things i needed at the same time so I got free shipping. Cost me about 100 for everything and they threw in a few extra goodies for some deal that Ernie Ball strings was offering.

I was happy with the deal.