View Full Version : Hannabach 815 Silver Special

01-13-2017, 06:59 PM
I mentioned previously that I had bought some of these but at that point I hadn't tried them.

I recently tried them on my 23" Nui and they were amazing. So warm yet clear. Beautiful singing tone and a perfect match for the Thomastik basses. However the tension was too low. I now have the High Tension ones on my Nui and they are perfect. I also have some Super High Tension that I haven't tried yet.

My wife has the regular tension on her Pono Cedar/Rosewood Tenor with a Thomastik low G and they are great. She now also has a full set of the high tension Hannabachs on her Pono Mango Tenor in high G and they are also wonderful.

For me, these are superior to the Thomastik unwound nylons as well as being a perfect match for the Thomastik wound nylons. As a bonus, they are available in a variety of different tensions.

Right now I am still using the Oasis GPX strings on darker ukes like my LFDM Sinker Redwood/Rosewood.