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04-24-2009, 04:40 AM
It would be pretty cool if we could have a contest section of the forum, or as a sub section under Uke Talk (since thats where most contests seem to be posted). Then when contests are finished, the threads could be closed.

I know that we have this thread (http://www.ukuleleunderground.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10788), which helps a bunch in finding active contests, but it would make it alot easier to find out all the current contests in a forum section. So new contests would be posted there and the current ones could be moved there as well.

04-24-2009, 07:13 AM
i would AGREE with this...

People could post in the TITLE

CONTEST NAME, and DUE DATE and they would all just be in one section.. i am all for it.. tell the big boss!

for now i will just keep updating my thread...

04-24-2009, 09:59 AM
Or maybe we could just sticky Dom's thread?

04-24-2009, 10:07 AM
Or maybe we could just sticky Dom's thread?

well lets sticky it!!! sticky away anyone who knows how to sticky.. or whoever can!

05-26-2009, 12:14 PM
I came on here to suggest the same thing. Often times I don't even know if a contest is still active or if it's an old posting if it's under Uke Talk. Sometimes people continue to comment on it waiting for the results or congratulating the winner! With a section, I think more participation will be had and more motivation not only to join, but to sponsor new contests. :D *hint, *hint. Great Idea!

05-26-2009, 01:47 PM
I know this topic has been brought up previously. Admin has the final say so whether or not to make a sub-category concerning contests and giveaways.

05-26-2009, 06:08 PM
Well, now that its made it's nice and easy to find contests! Yaaay!

05-26-2009, 06:33 PM
Whoo hoo! :D