View Full Version : Jamming with my 8y old nephew :-)

02-26-2017, 10:10 PM
My brother-in-law visited us yesterday. His oldest son is 8, and very much into music. He's studying violin and his godfather bought him a keyboard so he applies his violin studies to the keyboard.

Yesterday he was fooling around on our piano and started playing the 7 Nation Army riff - I think I taught him that once. Anyway, we went upstairs and he took my concert uke. Started finding the notes on there, too. He figured out that if he downtuned the C to B, he could play the song!

So I did the same on my soprano uke and we riffed away on the song :) Then I took my electric upright for some low end support, and he loved it! Said we should start a band together :D Then he realized he lives an hour away so he would not be able to come over often :D

So cute!

02-27-2017, 04:11 AM
That's a great story!

'Children are the future...'

Thanks for sharing! :music:

Jim Hanks
02-27-2017, 02:05 PM
There's always Skype! :shaka:

03-04-2017, 12:38 AM
That is a wonderful story! Isn't it great to connect with your nephew on a common love like music? Thanks for sharing this story with us!