View Full Version : Tuner tips cheap bass uke and flipping knobs

03-03-2017, 03:37 PM
For my first bass uke build I used the wrong tuners. I bought sealed bass guitar tuners (bottom left in the picture) because I thought they looked better. They require a 14mm hole and have a narrower shaft than the open gear tuner which has a solid 14mm shaft.
The thicker shaft makes widening the string slot to fit the fatter bass uke strings a lot less nerve racking.
The other advantage of these tuners is that it is relatively easy to flip the knob. One of the lesser reasons for going with the sealed tuners was that the only cheap open geared tuners I saw were 4 right rather than 2 right 2 left, or rather the 2r 2r were twice the price for identical looking tuners.

Flipping a knob is as simple as undoing the one screw, pulling it apart, flipping the knob over to the other side, putting it back together and putting the screw back in.
You can do similar things with uke and guitar open tuners if your supplier accidentally gives you 3r and one l or you want to do a fender style 4 right head.

03-03-2017, 04:40 PM
Good advice. I love these kinds of revelations.