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03-14-2017, 07:21 PM
Alo~~ha , hello friends ,how are you today?
This is G.J.Lee from Taiwan , today I wanna show you some special.
BatMan ukulele is one of my friend in Seoul,Korea handcraft.
There are two brothers , Oul and Ted , Oul made a brand name
"OulCraft" ,and young brother Ted made "Ted Ukulele"

Almost a custom workshop, they do less 800 ukuleles between 6 years.
This time , I will show you Ted made a special baby "Hero Series"
Baby size is 19.5 inch ,2 octaves(15frets).


He wants me to help him to sell this three he made is
Iron Man , Bat Man , Spider Man.
Maybe Spider Man is more popular in Taiwan ,sold soon.
But Iron Man and Bat Man still in Stock , they want to cry haha ...
Hero Series is Baby ,looks like toy ,but sounds amazing,pitch great!
They are also "all solid" and use good wood to made,not a joke.
So I want to share Bat Man sound to you today!
Hope you will surprised!

If you want to know more, just following video,but sorry it's not in English , you still can listen sound ,please.

BTW, if you have some interest after video ,just come my FB or Youtube , let me know ~~ !! It's all "Only One Made" ,no more!

#8 Iron Man
Size - baby(19.5 inch)
Head -padouk
Neck -ranggu
Top -adirondack spruce
Back&side -padouk
Fingerboard -sono keling
Bridge -padouk
Nut & Saddle -bone
Finish -natural oil
Head machine -peghead
String -Worth-CL

#9 Bat Man
Size -baby(19.5 inch)
Head -wenge
Neck - ranggu
Top -wenge
Back&side -wenge
Fingerboard -sono keling
Bridge -wenge
Nut & Saddle -bone
Finish -natural oil
Head machine -peghead
String -Worth-CL

03-15-2017, 12:35 AM
Wow, that does sound nice, and great playing too! Pretty cool little "cigar box" ukes. Best of luck with you sale.


Bill Sheehan
03-15-2017, 06:29 AM
Pretty darn cool! Love the picture behind him, too, of the cat with the uke!