View Full Version : FS: 6-String Baritone with gig bag

03-21-2017, 10:44 AM
Recently purchased from eBay seller viaquin as a “Southern Cross” 6 string baritone uke. This is a Kala BG with alterations made by a luthier. Octave bass pairs strung with lower string first to give a full lower tone to fill out a chord and allow for single string punctuation on the bass notes. Capo at 5th or 7th fret for a tenor voice. One suggested tuning is cC fF A D, 2 steps below DGBE, for a deeper voice. Soon after purchasing this I fell in love with a curly mango baritone that I still prefer and consequently don’t play this one. (I’m also saving up for a Koaloha/Opio tenor.) This KA BG has a glossy finish and one flaw: a craze in the finish on the heel of the neck near the body (see pic). Seems to be only in the gloss and it came that way.
Feel free to ask for more pics. I’m a barely-begun beginner and could play a few chords on it if asked.
$199- plus USPS shipping and insurance. USPS Money Order or PayPal gifts/family. Check reputation on eBay and UU.

03-24-2017, 10:59 AM
Price reduced to $199.00.