View Full Version : Baritone String problem, perhaps

03-22-2017, 12:50 PM
I am new to baritones, and I just put a new set of strings on mine.

The D string seems really loose. I can tune it up an octave, but then the baritone is tuned like a re-entrant.

Did I mistakenly get a set of re-entrant baritone strings? The packaging does not indicate this. I don't even know if that exists.

Here are the details of the string: it is a Worth brown baritone string and its gauge is .91 (0.0358).

I have had brown Worth strings on my tenor ukulele for a few years. When I compare my baritone and tenor ukuleles, the baritone is a bit looser but still within the same ballpark.

So am I being hyper-sensitive, or does something seem wrong?

03-22-2017, 01:19 PM
Based on that info, all the numbers match up. So I guess I should just chill out.

03-22-2017, 01:47 PM
One of the potential disadvantages of an unwound D string on a bari (or an unwound low-G string on a GCEA tuned uke) is that it can feel a little floppy. There often has to be some compromise between gauge and tension - i.e. a heavier string would give higher tension but then (potentially) thud... thud... thud...

If you prefer unwound strings you could try the Living Water baritone set. The D string is slightly heavier (0.041) and you may find it gives you better tension. This set was recently reviewed by UU member vcs700s. The review is here. (https://vicsukuleleblog.com/2017/02/09/review-living-water-baritone-ukulele-strings-low-d/)

03-22-2017, 02:20 PM
Thanks for easing my troubled mind. It reminds me of Oscar Wilde who said something like 'the only thing worse than not getting what you want is getting what you want.' I got rid of the wound strings because they were stiff and now I am fussing because the unwound strings are bendable, which was why I purchased them to begin with. There is nothing left to do but take my bendy strings and play some Muddy Waters, I Can't Be Satisfied--which requires a lot of string bending.