View Full Version : New ltd run matte, all-solid Ohana Sopranino 19"

03-28-2017, 09:23 AM
I have a new limited run, matte finish all-solid cedar/mahogany Ohana 19" Sopranino ukulele up for sale with gig bag. Mim stated that most of these come in gloss but they sent her a limited run of these matte finish tiny ukes. This one has been played long enough to try it out and that is it.

Why am I selling? Because my UAS desires something much more so I need to sell it lol. AHHHHHH UAS!!!!!

I purchased this from Mim, it has been professionally set up by her and comes in a gig bag made specifically for the Sopranino.

Do NOT expect a tiny tinny sound out of this. It is an all-solid instrument with that great clear sound of cedar, along with the nice warm tone of the mahogany to round it out. My boyfriend was shocked at the volume and the fact that I could play right along with his acoustic guitar and the sound was not lost.

This uke comes with the new Worth Brown strings I installed, along with the stock Aquila nylguts that it came with.

I love it and I hate to do it but I have my eyes set on something that I want much more. My loss is your gain! $175 (I bought it from mim for $188 + the gig bag is $16) PLUS actual shipping to your address, US only please.


03-29-2017, 05:00 AM
This uke has been SOLD