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04-15-2017, 11:11 AM
So while not pitting them against eachother per say, i am curious as to the difference in their neck profiles mainly. Im in a bit of a predicament. The first ukulele i purchased was a Makala tenor (still something i recommend to people just starting, great tenor) and i still love it! The neck is just perfect for me. Its snappy and quick and 9 times out of ten the first i pick up. I also have the makala pineapple which is just as great. Ive played tons of ukes, from the big k's, pono, applause, 20 dollar toys, customs and currently have a really nice kremona cedar top tenor that is great. But ive surprisingly never played a kala, and considering my affinity for the makala im just now realizing how strange that is. So i guess my question is do any of you have experience directly comparing the two necks and how do they compare? Id be more than happy "downgrading" to a less expensive instrument especially if it fits me better! I think the closest kala dealer is about 40 minutes from here and im checkin it out as soon as i can but figured id ask you fine people first!! Thanks!

Croaky Keith
04-16-2017, 12:23 AM
I own several Kala ukes, the neck profiles are very similar from soprano, concert, & tenor, but my cedar topped bari has a slightly thicker neck, which suits it & me well. My Makala ukes have very similar neck profiles to the regular Kala ukes, so I think you'd be fine with them. (Also Ohana & Baton Rouge are quite similar profiles.)

Graham Greenbag
04-16-2017, 04:25 AM
I had a Makala Soprano for a year or so and learnt on it, and IMHO they are good for that purpose and more. Sorting the nut out helped my fingers with the barred chords and putting Martin strings on it helped with the sound, but when I played it next to someone with a Kala KA-15s their Uke sounded better to me.

Of the two ukes I now use one is a Kala KA-p (Soprano again) I find the neck dimensional similar to the Makala Soprano that I previously owned but it has a better nut and frets - sounds nicer too. In summary if you can afford the little extra then you'll get a proportionally better instrument. Hope that helps.

04-16-2017, 10:21 AM
It really depends on the level of the Kala you're talking about.
On the low end, the kala and makala are almost the same.

But Kala has such a wide range of ukes, and they are different.
The slot head ones tend to have thicker necks than the regular head ones.
Each kala model is its own thing really. Some I wouldn't own. But some I would, and do.

On the low end, kala and makala are very similar. Enough that it probably doesn't matter much.