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04-25-2017, 02:11 AM
I'm looking at making a side bender with heat blanket. Thing is, I also make mandolins and - coming soon - guitars. Would I get away with buying just a guitar-sized heat blanket and allowing enough clearance so it overhangs the ends of the bender for smaller instruments?

04-25-2017, 04:00 AM
Yes. I use a 6" wide guitar-size heat blanket. The benefit is that you can bend both ukulele sides at the same time.

Michael N.
04-25-2017, 04:44 AM
If you really are intent on making a number of instruments with different sizes, shapes etc. you might be better off just using a hand bending iron. Doesn't need any former/jig as such and can be pretty quick once you become skilled at it. That's it's main advantage, you can change shape or size any time you want. Do a new model and there's no former to make. I don't know (never used one) but the bending forms might have an advantage when you are doing many repeated instruments that are the same model.

04-25-2017, 05:10 AM
Yeah, but making jigs is what it's all about, isn't it?

Michael N.
04-25-2017, 07:30 AM
Yes but only if you wish to be known as the greatest jig maker in the entire history of the world.

04-25-2017, 07:56 AM
I'm working on it.