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04-28-2017, 02:29 AM
Has anyone tried "Nashville" tuning on a guitar. Retaining the EADGBE relationship, the lower four strings (EADG) are tuned an octave higher than "normal", effectively using the treble strings from the pairs of strings on a 12-string guitar. The net result is rather like a 6-string re-entrant instrument ... put a capo in the 5th fret and you've got a re-entrant guitarlele (almost) ... just waiting for my set of D'Addarrio strings to arrive and I'll set up my Washburn Rover small-body travel guitar with them. Should be interesting!

05-02-2017, 10:24 AM
Well, it would appear that no-one has tried ... so I'll just say that I fitted the new strings this afternoon and gave my under-utilised Washburn a whole new identity :)

With no bass strings to worry about the small (concert/tenor ukulele) sized body can deliver a good tone from all six strings ... a surprisingly full sound from such a small instrument!

Well recommended if you've got a "travel" guitar that needs a bit of a lift :music:

Jim Hanks
05-03-2017, 02:01 PM
There is the "Eddie Freeman Special" tuning for guitalele where I think the EAD strings are octave up. Southcoast used to offer a set but I think it was discontinued.
Edit to add: I was mistaken. The EFS sets are still available.

06-28-2017, 09:15 AM
Love Nashville tuning : ) For behind a vocalist on recordings it stays away from the voice and gives an airier feel. Having the higher strings without their accompanying double, as with a 12 string, gives you the lift without the density and retains that singular string focus you lose when going 12. Very often when doubling an acoustic the double will be with Nashville tuning. Works beautifully.

Another thing, and easier to try, is "high G" tuning, where you replace the G with one an octave up. I usually have spare 10s around for that since I use 10s sets on my electrics, so it's pretty simple to steal one from that drawer. It's a pretty good compromise when you want some of that high tuning sound but need to get to it with less fuss : )