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05-08-2017, 08:44 AM
Well, my clearance of instruments continues with this fantastic concert ukulele. I purchased this a little over 3 years ago from another UU member and have played it extensively. It's constructed from 40 year old koa (great color!) with rosewood fretboard, string-through bridge, and top binding. The rosette is made of 4 thin rings of maple, and it also has maple and black top purfling. The neck is figured mango and Black Bear logo inlay is mother of pearl. The tuners are Gotoh UPT's, which IMO are just about the best uke tuners you can get (4:1 gear ratio). It's currently strung with Worth Brown Mediums. I've always kept it in a Crossrock 1000 series fiberglass flight case, which I am also including in the sale.

The ukulele is in very good condition, and without structural damage. Unfortunately, there are a few cosmetic issues, which were present when I purchased it. First, there is some light crazing of the lacquer finish on the top of the instrument. It's not visible at all from straight on, and has to be held at a steep angle to notice it. I've captured it well in photos (will be in second post). Second, is another finish crack on the side of the upper bout (bass side, near the back). It measures 3/8" long, but has not moved since my ownership. At first glance, it almost looks like a crack in the wood, but I've examined it extensively with a jeweler's loop, and am convinced it is only in the finish. Additionally, the area is directly backed by the lining inside the body and looking through the soundhole, there is no evidence of an issue. Again, there has been no movement during my 3+ years of ownership and it in no way affects playability. This issue is also captured in the photos, and actually looks significantly worse than it does in person. Aside from the aforementioned lacquer issues, there is minor play wear and a few strum marks. The Crossrock case has a few odd marks on it, and some wear on the handle. It's a great, tough case, and was $150 when I bought it new.

Please know that I am incredible stickler when it comes to my instruments, and if anything I am overstating the finish issues. The ukulele is still gorgeous, and a heck of an instrument. If you love playing a nice handmade concert uke, this is for you. If you're a collector who is looking for perfection, maybe not. Due to the cosmetic issues, I'm offering this for an excellent price. SOLD - Thank you!. Please get in touch with any questions and I will respond as quick as I can. Thanks for looking!



05-08-2017, 08:53 AM
Here are the photos of the finish issues. Again, I held it in the light so as to exaggerate the appearance. The crazing on top is not noticeable unless held this way. The finish crack on the side looks big in the photo, but is only 3/8" long. The photo through the sound hole shows the back lining which is directly underneath the side finish crack.


05-08-2017, 09:03 AM
And, a couple more photos of the case, and one of the string-through bridge (with a little dust under the strings). Also added one of the back of the headstock that details the tuners and serial number. You can see a couple of the small holes left by worms from when the tree was alive.


05-08-2017, 07:26 PM
I love a good concert scale ukulele and I don't mind a few finish imperfections. I assume since you played it extensively it must sound good as well. If that's so I'd like to have it. Sent PM.

05-09-2017, 12:20 AM
This ukulele has been sold. Thank you!