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05-31-2017, 07:51 AM
Hello everyone,

I started playing the folk guitar a few month ago with a washburn parlor (cedar top and mahogany)
A few weeks after that, I had the chance to try a GS MINI e rosewood in a music shop when I was travelling abroad.
It was love at first sight : the sound, the neck (i could finally play barre chords) and even the shape of the guitar.
Back then, i didn't have the budget to buy it but now, I am ready :-).

Like I said, I've tried the Rosewood one and really loved it ! But now, it's very difficult to find one since Taylor stopped to make it (I live in France).
I read several point of vues on layered wood. Some people are saying it doesn't influence the sound, some people are saying the contrary...
So, i'm a bit lost...
For sure, I want spruce top since I want a bright sound. I am looking for a small electro-acoustic guitar for mostly playing folk and pop. Mostly strumming while i'm singing.

I can easily find the spruce/walnut one so I would really appreciate if I could get your feedbacks on this matter.

Is there a sound /tone difference between the gs mini e spruce/rw and the gs mini e spruce/walnut ?

I have tried a celtic harp with walnut wood and the sound was pretty warm. I have no comparaison with guitars.

In the same time, if you could recommend me a good amp, i would be grateful. I am looking for a small amp for Acoustic guitar /voice - ukulele/voice - Electric guitar.

Thank you in advance for your help :-)

06-04-2017, 11:32 PM
If you are willing to spend up to 500€ I recommend the ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox.


06-07-2017, 07:44 AM
Thank you LucilleJustRocks !!! :-)
I Love this amp !!! Didn't know it before today and discovered there is an electric version.

06-07-2017, 05:42 PM
One of the best makers of affordable guitars is Alvarez. You're getting better quality for the same money than from Taylor or Martin where you pay extra for the brand name (for example, for the cost of a solid top Alvarez, you get a laminated top from the big names). Alvarez is highly liked over on the Acoustic Guitar Forum, and I can recommend the AP70 and AP66 (I bought an AP70 after researching intensively). Both come with electric options and also have folk size versions (AF70 and AF66), AP are parlor size, but are almost full size, so not really much smaller. I like the AP models because they have 12 frets to the body, which I feel gives them a superior sound due to the more optimal bridge placement. The street price is around €300-400, though I have seen the AP66 for less.

Like with all guitars, it's a good idea to buy from a store that does a set up and lowers the action.