View Full Version : WTB LoPrinzi Baritone

06-01-2017, 08:24 AM
As the title says, I am looking for someone who would like to re-home their LoPrinzi baritone. I don't have my heart set on any particular wood combinations or models.

What 'cha got?

06-04-2017, 05:38 AM
No one? I guess that speaks volumes about them and I am barking up the right tree.

06-04-2017, 05:29 PM
You are indeed barking up the right tree. I have owned several wonderful baritones but haven't found anything that I like more than my Loprinzis. I sold my first one and bought a more expensive brand by a well known maker. Then I ended up buying and selling a few more instruments while still missing my first Loprinzi. Now I only own two ukes--both Loprinzi's. One is mahogany and one is koa. I think they are hard to beat. Good luck in your search. If you ordered a new one, it would be worth the wait.