View Full Version : Looking for more information - Yasuma BU-51

06-03-2017, 07:48 PM
So I recently bought this ukulele from a local music store that didn't know anything about the instrument. I have since looked up everything I can about this ukulele/brand and I know Yasuma made high quality Martin copies and have some highly sought after models like the tiple. I know their prices can be very comparable to what the same model Martin would sell as and many consumers say they prefer the quality and sound of the Yasuma. I have however never found a single other Baritone ukulele through all my searching. I figure its from ~1960s

I am wondering if anyone here knows any further information about this instrument anything at all. I'm also interested how much it might be worth and if I do decide to sell it (don't really have a use for a baritone ukulele) where would be some good spots. The ukulele sounds and plays perfectly the only issues I can tell are the slight discoloration on the front and a small hole which looks like there used to be a strap, but I'm not sure.

Thank you for any help anyone might be able to provide. Also if this isn't the right place for this type of post my apologizes and would be happy to move it if there is a better place.

http://imgur.com/a/zEHfh I figure it's a copy of this ukulele https://reverb.com/item/2812052-vintage-c-f-martin-style-51-baritone-ukulele-1960-1965-dark-mahogany-w-original-chipboard-case.