View Full Version : FS: All solid mahogany TS30 Teton soprano ukulele

06-30-2017, 02:59 PM
This is my one ukulele that I practiced tons on. I learned the most on this one. I paid full price for this and was well worth it , I even had it autographed by Kalei Gamiao on the soundboard.

I want to keep it but alas I rather sell it as I don't use it just lying around.
The construction is solid, however just letting you know it isn't perfect , this one came w a few flaws like a bout glue joint that looks at first i thought was separation but it is just a slight misaligned attachment. Doesn't detract anything away from the playability or dependability of this instrument. You can tell it is just manufacture slights in fit and finish.
I also once accidentally sat on this when at my parents home it was luckily on a soft leather couch and I got up immediately so I really didn't sit on it flush but it did make a slight crack sound.
However I and my wife looked it over and I can't find the crack anywhere even inside I took a look.

Anyways all of this I mention to disclose but it is a nice uke for a practice uke. Has brand new m600 fluorocarbons on it now.

$85 shipped

If interested or concerned just pm me and I can give you my phone number to send texts of anything close up

06-30-2017, 03:10 PM
Not for sale closing sorry. Upon really inspecting it I found the seam binding at the bout lower separating a bit. It spent affect construction but it shouldn't be for sale. Goshdannit