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07-05-2017, 07:55 AM
***Sold to a fellow UU'er*** Thanks!

I posted this a few days ago, but roughly 4 hours later took the listing down because of some serious second thoughts. It is just a really great little instrument...but I've decided I do need to let it go.

It's the Seagull M4 (they used to be called "Merlin"). This one has the solid mahogany top and G tuning. The body and neck are made out of solid maple (one piece is the neck and middle of the body, then two side pieces attached. The body is hollowed out, then the top goes on). Diatonic fret setup (pretty much no wrong notes possible.)
Seagull logo case/bag included.
Low G, then D, then the last 2 strings are a course (both close together and played at the same time like a mandolin). The last two are both G also. One is wound and the other plain steel. One an octave higher than the other. It makes for a really interesting sound playing just that string alone.

This never even left my house. It has been in a climate controlled and smoke-free environment the whole time I've had it, which really isn't a long time.

I paid about $150 for the instrument and case together from Elderly Instruments. It was professionally inspected and setup there.
I'm asking $100. That includes shipping. Shipping to lower 48 USA states only.
Payment by USPS (United States Postal Service) money order only. They are safe and secure. I don't have Paypal and don't plan to get it, sorry. If I've made a deal with you here before, or if you're someone I recognize from the forums, I am willing to ship it out before your payment gets here in the mail to me. So if you definitely want it, please go ahead and send your name and address along with your message and it'll expedite the process. I haven't saved any previous addresses, so if you are someone I've dealt with before you'll have to resend. Thanks!

I installed some Elixir nanoweb strings (for the wound strings) with the Elixir anti-rust plain steel string for the highest G. I will include an extra set I have here. I just bought them individually from stringsandbeyond. These Elixir strings last a long time, so the ones on it are in great shape and should last a long time before you even need the others.

This instrument plays similar to a dulcimer. The sound, body, etc. etc. are quite unique though. This will be a great, fun instrument for someone. It's easier to play than an uke, in terms of learning curve, but you can get advanced on it if you want. You can get all kinds of great sounds and songs just from simply playing on the melody string (the course/double strings) and letting the other two strings ring open. So you can do a lot with just one finger sliding around if you so choose.
You can play many chords as well.

Here's a short sound sample of random stuff I recorded..mostly just improvised. This instrument that is very easy to improvise on:
Please scroll down to "

Here are some I played on it:
For reference, a C chord on the ukulele would like like: 0 0 0 3 in the format I'm using here. 0 = no frets played, and any number equals play that fret. Don't click the big green "download" button you see first. That's just trying to sell you something basically. Go down and click the gray "download this file" button to hear the sound sample:

G: All Open or 2 0 0 or 0 0 2
D: 1 0 1
C: 3 1 0 or 0 1 3
Em: 2 1 0 or 0 1 2
A, Am: 1 1 1
E: 2 1 2 (moveable up to G A B type chords)

I think I have my settings here correct so I should be able to receive private messages. I don't have a phone with e-mail on it though, so give me some time. I can usually reply within 12 hours at the longest, often sooner depending on the day.

Thanks for checking this out!

P.S. - Someone mentioned the first time I listed this it might be a possibility for a 2 or 3 year old. I personally don't think it'd be a good instrument for a child that age. They could make some noise on it....but you still need some strength to press down the strings, and these are also steel opposed to nylon. Plus, the instrument is a 20" scale roughly, so about like a baritone ukulele...
I do think it's a great instrument for a person of any age who can hold it and press the strings down.

07-06-2017, 07:52 AM
This is now sold to a fellow UU'er. Thanks!