View Full Version : Warning to Jet 10-20 owners in EU

07-21-2017, 12:22 AM
I ordered a part for a Jet 10-20 Drumsander from this Company in the US "Replacement Parts .com" you can find them here
http://www.ereplacementparts.com/jet-1020-plus-628900-drum-sander-parts-c-32652_32661_32862.html ... I ordered the part (a rise and fall adjustment spindle part # 1020-111) on the 7th of June and now it's almost 8 weeks and I still havn't recieved it yet. .. .. I contacted them and asked them "where is it?"..they told me that all their overseas deliveries are done by another company called "iGlobal shipping" so I contacted them and they informed me that my order was part of a bulk order that was being shipped to the UK by sea and could take weeks??? and they suggested that I wait a while longer.. The component weighs less than 0.5 Kg and I paid 23 shipping... at that price I can send a 1 Kg item to the US in 3 days via UPS express... I'm fed up of waiting and I have asked replacement parts to refund my cash...I don't think I will have any bother getting a refund as I paid via PayPal...But I'll not order any more spare parts this way