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mountain goat
07-30-2017, 04:27 AM
bruko custom longneck soprano ukulele
hand made by Hubert Pfeiffer, Germany, Jan 2015

curly walnut top, back, nut
maple sides, fretboard, bridge, rosette, headplate, neck stripe
ash neck

photographs and sound demos 30.7.17
the first piece of music is a short, original improvised instrumental
titled "sunroom serenade" (j.duncan).
the second piece of music i call "wandering medley" and features 3 traditional songs: 'lonesome valley' (traditional/arr j.duncan); 'i'll fly away' (traditional/arr j.duncan) and 'wandering boy' (traditional/arr a.keim).

this instrument is in mint condition.
it has a bright, bold tone
with excellent intonation.
currently strung with Aquila high-g strings,
although I think there are other sets
more complimentary for this instrument.

after ordering and playing 7 other brukos before
I ordered this one, I felt they all sort of sounded the same;
which is why the specs here are a little weird -
I ordered on the basics of aesthetics purely,
as opposed to tone.

and I found that yep, this one sounds like all
the others I've played: big, loud and bold.
it has superb intonation, the action is ok up the neck
and it has a nice depth and warmth underneath -
as I hope the sound sample below will testify to.

I paid $385 euro in Jan 2015.
I am asking $375USD shipped worldwide with insurance
I will supply a padded gigbag.
I will box and pack the instrument with utmost care.
I accept and prefer paypal and would appreciate
if payment is made via the "family and friends" option.

I am unable to upload pictures to the site
but any further questions/more pictures etc
please message me here:
singtomeofautumnleaves at gmail dot com
or post on the thread.

thanks all.

here is a short film with still photographs
and some audio samples.


07-30-2017, 05:16 AM
Nice uke. You play so well! Love the low tones, and the high tones have an appealing banjo like jangle perfect for that song...

mountain goat
08-01-2017, 02:46 AM
thanks ukeinfused.

I will include a fibreglass navy colour hardcase I bought myself
and I am dropping the asking price to $350USD shipped worldwide.
I need to sell a few instruments at the moment as I am saving
for a nice classical guitar.

thanks all.

Joe King
08-01-2017, 02:52 AM
This looks and sound very nice.

Wish I could afford it.

Wish I could play like you too.

Thanks for letting me enjoy
your playing.

Sorry I cannot buy from you,
but hope you can sell it soon.

mountain goat
08-01-2017, 04:08 PM
thanks Joe.

the ukulele is now sold. thanks UU.