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08-07-2017, 09:01 AM
Hi there,

I've been having some buzzing issues lately with my Kala baritone. I'm not sure of the exact cause - I have a number of theories:

1. The slots in the ebony nut have worn down a little after the last couple of string changes and so the strings are sitting closer to the fingerboard.

2. The high-ish tension (but nowhere near crazy high) of the custom string set I use has caused some realignment of the neck.

3. I've been working out (resistance training) and my playing has gotten a bit heavier. (Seriously, I would highly recommend it. A bit of extra hand and arm strength has really helped my playing.)

Anyway, the Kala is apparently fitted with a truss rod, although there seems to be very little official information about this. Still, I thought I would have a go at adjusting it. I watched a Pono truss rod adjustment video and, as suggested by the guy in that, gave the truss rod in the Kala an eighth of turn counter-clockwise to bow it very, very slightly. And it appears to have done the trick - no more buzzing.

So there you go - just really posting to confirm that the truss rod in the SMHB is functional. In case anyone was wondering :)

Do not try this at home kids :P

08-07-2017, 09:13 AM
I have the same model Kala Baritone. It sounded great but the action was high. I had one of the luthers at my local dealer work on it she iowered the saddle height and adjusted the truss rod. It now plays like butter and the intonation is spot on. Easily worth the $20!it cost me. The truss rod is very functional.