View Full Version : New Idea for Signing My Classroom Uke

08-08-2017, 12:56 PM
I teach K-8th music, and grades 3 and older have a chance to learn ukulele, a little. But starting in 6th grade, they play it a lot more. Each student gets a ukulele to take home for the school year.

In my classroom, I have several ukuleles sitting around for decor reasons, and one of them is this Lanikai soprano, with signatures of 6th graders from the past few years. If they play ukulele at all, they get to sign it.


Starting this year, it'll be different. I'll have a new ukulele available to sign, but they can only sign it once they've memorized a handful of chords (probably C, F, G, Am). So instead of getting to sign it basically just for becoming a 6th grader, now they'll have to demonstrate they've put in a little time with it before they earn the right to sign it.

We'll see how the new motivation technique works - hopefully in a month or so, I'll have a new photo of a new ukulele, with signatures of kids who've mastered that handful of chords!

08-08-2017, 04:15 PM
That's really cute! (And seems like a good motivational technique, too.)

Croaky Keith
08-08-2017, 09:43 PM
Those ukes will be great wall hanging reminders when you retire. :)