View Full Version : Help me find my next Uke!

08-10-2017, 01:49 AM
My Uke skills have finally progressed to the point that I would like to upgrade to a better instrument. But, after hunting around on the interweb I cannot find the type instrument I want.

What I would like to buy is a long neck soprano with a slot head and radiused finger board.

Any suggestions?

Jim Hanks
08-10-2017, 02:05 AM
Hmm, that is an odd combination of features. You generally don't see slot heads on smaller than tenor and radiused fretboards are rare on the smaller instruments as well. I believe Cocobolo does a radius and they do make long neck sopranos but getting one is by lottery these days.

Croaky Keith
08-10-2017, 02:14 AM
There are a few long neck sopranos available, but as far as I know, no slot head (which will add weight to that end, & unbalance it) or radiused fretboard (which is a rather specialist feature), you'll need to get it made, & that will cost big money.

I'd settle for one of the ones that are for sale, then if you really must have those features, get one custom built.

08-12-2017, 05:20 PM
Jim is right, all Cocobolo Ukuleles are radiused fretboards. Keith is too, you don't want a slotted headstock, it would be too heavy, making the uke hard to play. See Cocobolo Ukuleles on Facebook, we have two, and they are my faves!

08-12-2017, 07:05 PM
Everyone is right if you want a long neck and the rest of the features you mentioned you need to go tenor....Jay Lichty is known for building long necks check him out.

08-12-2017, 07:37 PM
John Kinnard would probably build such an instrument for you; he has made Sopranos with a slotted headstock before:


With him, every option you mentioned can be custom ordered via The Ukulele Site:


A slotted headstock will not necessarily be heavier; thinned out to fit Gotoh Stealth Tuners, it might even be lighter.

08-12-2017, 10:01 PM
Whoa, that John S Kinnard slotted headstock soprano is beautiful! I didn't realize you can order that custom with all the options from HMS. I see one of these in my future, very cool!

08-13-2017, 05:56 AM
Check with Bruce Wei in Vietnam. He makes customs for a very reasonable price any way you want. I've sent him my designs and he built them exactly and very well. See my signature.