View Full Version : Vintage TV Pal Ukulele

08-25-2017, 07:22 AM
I bought a TV pal Ukulele. This was made in the 1960's. It is not exactly what I was looking for and I'm moving so I really want it to go to someone who will actually enjoy it. Strung with Aquila strings. Includes the package of the strings too. Also includes a Kala brand ukulele drawstring bag with a sharpie over the Kala logo. The bridge is broken on the one string and the only way I know to hold it in is with scotch tape for you (see pics). It can be tuned to standard tuning and is playable but it is not super easy to get in tune right away. All four of the tuning pegs are original which apparently is rare. Body has small cracks and scratches but nothing serious. One side the body has a part where it is not aligned right but seems fine. Most other Tv Pal ukuleles I've seen online aren't in this good shape.

I have more pictures of the ukulele, bag, etc if you would like to see them.

Make an offer. Shipping will be included (I'll pay for it) but please note I will only ship 48 US states. All sales are final, no refunds unless something happens in shipping. Please read this post carefully and ask any questions. For payment, I think Paypal would be the easiest.

I've a sold a few things on ebay over the years and have a good rating. I am not selling this on ebay because I think people would be more interested here.