View Full Version : Waverly open geared tuners

09-03-2017, 03:22 PM
Are Waverly open geared tuners drop in replacements for Grover open back geared tuners? I like Grovers a lot but read how smooth these are. I have a custom I'd spend the money putting Waverly on and then put the Grovers on my Pono AT. The AT has Derjung replica tuners and they are pretty good but I like Grovers better. I would prefer not to drill if they simply drop in. If Waverly are that much better and I had to drill ..........as long as holes are covered by the plate , then it wouldn't matter

Comments for those of you who have used Waverly. Is it worth it?


09-04-2017, 09:04 AM
Ok, found the answer on line. Screw spacing on Waverly is 1" and screw spacing on the Grover open back is .98". So a second hole would have to be drilled but would be covered by the base plate. Still would like to hear from anyone with experience with Waverly tuners. I can pay $18 Canadian for Grovers or play $128.00 for Waverly. Worth it? The Waverly would go on a custom tenor?