View Full Version : FS: Outdoor Ukulele Tenor brown

09-14-2017, 07:31 PM
Up next is a Outdoor Ukulele tenor in brown.

I got one strap button on the end. It has the tenor length, low action, geared tuners. The sound output is on the weak side IMO, but they make a fantastic travel uke/ camping uke/ car uke/ "outdoor" uke(ha!)

Currently strung with D'addario tenor strings (they're similar to Aquila's though). Strung re-entrant GCEA/high G.

I bought this late last year/earlier this year. These Tenors are all currently sold out per their website in Oregon, but are expected soon. Save the wait. I am selling to help pay for my wife's college tuition. Then hopefully some new ukes for me after that.

Asking $120 Paypal friends & family. Shipped UPS ground CONUS. No case (not really needed on these).


***Sale pending***