View Full Version : Don't know my own strength

09-15-2017, 03:07 AM
While fitting and gluing the dovetail neck joint on a soprano today I held the body firmly in one hand and pressed the neck firmly into place prior to clamping..When crunch!! something gave way??? I was holding the body too tight and my fingers pressed into the arched back and popped off a brace end :uhoh:..Now iv'e got to try and figure out how to fix it...I'm having a bad day :wallbash:

09-15-2017, 04:27 AM
Maybe you need a new outlet to relieve stress.

09-15-2017, 04:46 AM
Puny ukulele

Pukulele Pete
09-15-2017, 06:59 AM
...I'm having a bad day :wallbash:

You should smoke that pot plant.:drool:

Patrick Madsen
09-15-2017, 07:50 AM
Go for a good long bike ride

09-16-2017, 06:39 AM
But that might make him even stronger and......

09-16-2017, 07:47 AM
It's now fixed .. with the help of a length of thin plastic tube I managed to run some CA glue under the brace end in the lower bout ..... it was only a small area that had lifted.