View Full Version : Double Ukulele Gigbags

Pegasus Guitars
09-22-2017, 09:12 PM
I'm winding down a 40+ year luthier parts business and selling off misc. stuff. Not giving up making ukes and guitars, just ending the builder's parts business.These brand new Kala double ukulele gigbags are nicely padded, have a zippered accessory pouch, separate zippered compartments that hold 1 tenor uke each, and have backpack style carrying straps. With the shipping cost included, these are being sold at well below my wholesale cost, but everything's gotta go. Nice bags and no longer available in stores. $48.00 each, including shipping anywhere in the U.S. Great for traveling with 1 uke and room for lots of other stuff, or for carrying 2 tenor ukes. e-mail pegasusguitars@hawaiiantel.net As of 9/23 only 1 bag left. SOLD OUT. Thank you!