View Full Version : Crossrock 1000 Fiberglass Hard Case + Blackbird Farallon

09-29-2017, 02:08 PM
Hi All,

Just got one a fiberglass Crossrock 1000 hard case for my Blackbird Farallon, and it fits perfectly. I travel back an forth on long-haul international flights all the time (and I carry a uke), so I needed a solid airline travel case. This is exactly what I'd been looking for.

Several threads on the older version of the Crossrock 1000 indicated that it wouldn't fit larger tenor ukes, but they changed the design and now it will fit pretty much any tenor. In-person, the case is much sexier than I anticipated.: super well-built, thick fiberglass shell, great color (I got dark blue), super form-fitting. Very nice.

Also, the current versions have some great features not shown in the photos. Most important: a D ring on the back as well two on each side, and dual removable shoulder straps. This allows it to be used as a two-strap backpack, a 1 strap back sling, or a side carry. Nice feature that I was dreading doing without, so I'm happy to see it was added. BTW, this feature is not shown in the pictures of the case (at least not on Amazon).

Anyway, highly recommended. Seems bulletproof, and looks much smaller than the Access gig bag that came with the Farallon.

09-29-2017, 02:52 PM
Last December I posted here that I'd found a Crossrock 1000 case on sale for $120 and bought it for my Farallon.


The fit is indeed great, though my case doesn't have all the bells and whistles yours does, as I don't have D rings for shoulder straps, just a side carry single strap. (So I'm jealous.) I also wish it had a bit more storage space, but I love how bullet proof it feels.

09-30-2017, 07:26 AM
[QUOTE=besley;2001092]Last December I posted here that I'd found a Crossrock 1000 case on sale for $120 and bought it for my Farallon.]

Yes, your post was the one that led me to pull the trigger -- thanks! It is a very nice case. Got a navy blue for $154 on Amazon, with free 2-day shipping. Not a bad deal...