View Full Version : 20% off ukuleles (and more) - Umanov Guitars going out of business

Joyful Uke
10-05-2017, 02:04 PM
Matt Umanov Guitars is going out of business. (Retiring.)
Everything in the store is 20% off, with coupon code 50YEARS.

I've never purchased anything from there, but see that there is a selection of ukuleles, including Kamaka, Martin, Cordoba, Kala, and a few others, so it might be of interest to someone.

In case anyone wants to browse, the website is:

I didn't look at the other goodies up for sale, but it looks like you could spend lots of money there if you're interested in other instruments as well. :-)

10-05-2017, 04:27 PM
Sad to hear that they are closing.

They still have a few vintage Martin ukes as of checking a few minutes ago.

I've been into their shop in NYC a handful of times over the past 30 yrs, but never bought anything in there because it was always way beyond my budget...but always found something to drool over....

Back in the 90's I had it in my head that my GAS would not be satisfied until I owned a National Tri-cone metal-body resonator guitar, and the only thing that held me back was lack of funds...they had ALL kinds of resonator guitars, like at least a dozen different ones at any given time...

I'd never been to Mandolin Brothers in Staten Island (which I regret, they closed a few yrs ago when the patriarch/founder passed away) but I'm glad that I had a chance to stop by to Matt Umanov's place, and meet the folks working there and test-drive some really amazing instruments...

They will be missed. :(