View Full Version : New 5-Day Waiting Period on Uke Purchases Implemented

10-14-2017, 03:48 PM
Finally, someone is taking a stand!



Jim Hanks
10-14-2017, 05:28 PM
Must be hard times indeed if James Hill has to work at Guitar Center to make ends meet. :eek:

10-14-2017, 05:50 PM
Must be hard times indeed if James Hill has to work at Guitar Center to make ends meet. :eek:

That’s the best part of the article...most people wouldn’t know that one of the virtuoso ukulele players was in the photo...makes me wonder if the photo is from something else...

10-14-2017, 05:55 PM
Maybe a photo from NAMM? Anyway, it gave me a chuckle. Cute.

10-14-2017, 06:45 PM
Since I live in California I understand why this is being done. The California Department Of Music, DOM, has implemented these changes along with the requirement that no one can purchase a ukulele without without first obtaining a Ululele Safety Certificate. It is a pretty simple test to demonstrate the safe handling of a ukulele, things like... Proper Tuning, Correct Chord Structure, Not Pointing a Ukulele at an Audience, and Locking up a Ukulele so Small Children won't accidentally play Soul Sister. Stuff like that.

What is more alarming is that the DOM is also in the process of developing a Roster of Ukuleles Certified for Sale in the state of California. This may cause a buying frenzy before the list goes into effect if a K brand is not on the list. But it will be possible to do an inter familial transfer so that vintage Martin K can be passed on to the kids. Unfortunately, it is what it is.


Croaky Keith
10-14-2017, 10:56 PM
Obviously, this was written to be released on April 1st. :rotfl:

10-15-2017, 05:45 AM
Does anyone know where I can buy a silencer for my reso uke?

10-15-2017, 05:47 AM
Does anyone know where I can buy a silencer for my reso uke?

put a sock in it! :smileybounce:

10-15-2017, 10:58 AM
put a sock in it! :smileybounce:

I prefer to use quilt batting to mute my banjo uke. Seems much more hygienic than a sock (unless you meant a CLEAN sock?).

10-15-2017, 02:00 PM
Hey. So, I know folks are trying to keep it light and cheery. But I don’t see how this is at all funny.

My opinion is that the story satirizes a situation that deserves serious conversation, and not satire. Maybe it’s because I live in MA, or maybe it’s because my daughter will be in elementary school in a few years, but I feel that a second amendment conversation was long overdue before Sandy Hook. It’s appalling that nothing has changed since then, except for some more serious, appalling incidents.

You all can chuckle about the ukulele joke if you want, but I encourage you all to think about the underlying issue. And honestly, I don’t much care which side of the issue you land. Just talk about it so that maybe, something... anything... will happen aside from the gridlock that’s been going on for years.

10-15-2017, 02:32 PM
AAAAnd, the thread is over ...