View Full Version : Savarez Classical Strings

11-13-2017, 09:58 PM
Prior to joining a local uke group, I hadn't played my classical guitar in years (the frets were all green!) Bought it new 37 year ago w/ cardboard case for $100. It's a Terada that was made in Nagoya, JA & looks nice with a rosewood body & spruce top. Don't believe they make guitars anymore. It never sounded very good; as with cheaper guitars, the highs were not there. Anyway, I went to get a set of strings & found out they discontinued the LaBellas that I used to buy.

The guy at the music store recommended Savarez 520 P1 high tension so I bought a set. This set is a bit weird cuz all the trebles are nylon wound, so they're a lot thicker than normal trebles.

Anyway, they transformed the sound of my guitar. The highs are much louder & overall the sound is greatly improved. Recently tried out some guitars in the $400 range & was surprised that my old guitar (with the Savarez strings) sounded better than the new ones!

Just tried a set of D'Addarios & they don't sound nearly as good as the Savarez. I heard that there are more expensive strings that sound better but may not make a difference with my guitar.