View Full Version : Flea serial numbers? colors? dates?

11-19-2017, 09:45 AM
I bought my Flea second hand and I'd like to know when it was made. Is there a list of production years with serial numbers? I've searched UU and the Fleamarket Music Bulletin Board - I found a thread on Fleamarket with numbers but no dates.

I'm also curious about how long my color was available - anybody know of a history/timeline of models, designs and colors?

model: M30
serial number: 12874
color: bubblegum

11-19-2017, 10:24 AM
Your best bet, and the ONLY authoritative info is going to come from The Magic Fluke Company itself.

FYI & contrary to popular opinion: Flea Market Music (FMM) is NOT the same as The Magic Fluke Company.

FMM is owned by Jim Beloff, whose sister Phyllis is the wife/co-owner of The Magic Fluke Company with her husband Dale Webb.

You can reach them via:

Open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
The Magic Fluke Company
292 South Main Street
Sheffield, MA 01257
(413) 229-8536

email: sales@magicfluke.com

which is on their contact page here: http://www.magicfluke.com/Contact-s/1844.htm

Hope this helps! :)