View Full Version : Trade Cocobolo Concert Ukulele for Ohana Tiple or OHana TK35 -5string

12-02-2017, 09:19 AM
Have a nice very beautiful Cocobolo Concert...always get compliments when I jam with her
these are hard to get now...some sort of lottery

Radiused Freboard
Low Action
great tone/ sound warmer more mellow. ..very pleasing
Fantastic playability
with a soft cordorba case

Only issue is a small 1 inch pencil point thin wood split...not noticeable and barely can feel with finder.
blue tape in photos is where she is...but not noticeable by eye....and not traveling..a minor imperfection

Take a look at photos......at



Ohana 10 string Tiple
Ohana CK28-5
Ohana CK35-8
Ohana TK 35g-5