View Full Version : Mim's Uke...literally

12-18-2017, 04:06 AM
Looks like a nice one.


12-18-2017, 04:16 AM
OMG, hide the credit cards, must.... resist....

Joe King
12-18-2017, 05:20 PM

Hope she gets it sold quickly.

12-20-2017, 07:26 AM
Haha, yall found it ;)

I was trying not to promote it anywhere, I tend to not be good at self promotion. Except on Instagram... haha... I am a self-promotion whore there (Follow me @mimsukes ... hee hee hee) I am taking offers as well.

I am shocked at how mint it is for its age. It is old, and even has some original strings in the original case. I found it at a craft mall and it was in a vintage instrument shop and the guy obviously knew what he had. He had it for a lot more money and then marked it down, and I even tried to find him to say "are you sure?" I love it and felt so lucky, But... I am selling it... because... I have a vision... ;)

I will be honest guys, I love this thing. It sounds amazing. But I want to keep it mint, so it has no gigging purpose for me.
And I came upon these old deck pieces from trailers from a school that had been using trailers while it was rebuilt and they were surplus...
And then... I met my new neighbors who live up the hill from my shop. I have always had a dream of building a stage on my shop property, but I would love for it to face the hill where it is alike a little amphitheater. But then it faced their house.
But I am a good neighbor and wanted to ask them first. I ran into them and they are like "Heck yeah! Build it! If we can come and listen too!"
ALSO, I have some other wood I can use now which will cut the cost.
But I want to do it properly so I want a contractor to do it. He will charge me for the ground work and the base of the stage and I will finish it.

So... I am selling it for my Stage Fund. Haha. I am hoping it wont cost me much more than that or possibly less.

It was the only way I could part with it, knowing it was going to something I would get more use out of and that could benefit the community.

12-21-2017, 03:09 AM
This is awesome. I hope someone gets it soon!

So what you’re saying is ... we can soon expect an announcement for MimFest? :cool:

12-21-2017, 03:58 AM
Yikes, big bucks, but its a Martin