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01-18-2018, 03:57 PM
I took delivery of this on Wednesday, a Favilla concert dated 1933-34= happy.
I believe the Bullshead hard case is original to it. After a good cleaning I tuned it to pitch and was taken back by the tone and volume. I played on it for about twenty minutes like a child on Christmas, then I started to really inspect it.
I realized the two back braces were partially loose from the body and the two on the top- all of them!
It had sat for a long time so it's to be expected I guess, overall it's clean so I can't be too upset. So, after spending one night with me it went to my luthier and he gave me a time frame of 1 month= the sad part. He has prior commitments, but I'm lucky to know a greatly skilled man like him and he's always reasonable when it comes time for the bill.
He will do the repairs with hide glue.

My 40s Martin concert will remain my favorite concert scale in the interim, things may change though.
I'm still looking for a concert in koa.

01-18-2018, 04:23 PM
They're great instruments, now getting more attention because old Martins have gotten so expensive. Popping the top off and regluing stuff is worth it. You've already determined that it sounds good (most of them do), and it looks like it has decent action ... and as old Favillas go, yours is very pretty. I recently bought one myself, same vintage. Mine's the opposite of yours ... ugly as hell, but physically sound. If I cared more about appearance, I would offer to swap with you. ;) I don't own any other vintage ukuleles at present, but I used to own an old Martin tenor and an old Martin Style 3. Even though I can't really do an A-B comparison, i swear that my Favilla, despite its lower grade of workmanship, has the same wonderful woody tone ... and loudness ... the Style 3 had. Well-aged Brazilian or Honduran mahogany that wasn't plantation-grown ... buying oldies is pretty much the only way to get that anymore.