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02-12-2018, 07:58 AM
Hi All,

Is there anybody out there who uses this tuning ? It is achieved by tuning the G string up a whole step to A.

I am particularly interested in its use with a low G string tuned up to A but am also interested in the reentrant version with two high A strings in place of a high G and high A.

Four note chords are more awkward but the standard triads are easier with an extra finger freed up for chord embellishments.

Googling I find very little information other than Aaron Keim recommending it for one of his Clawhammer arrangements and a guy called Ramon Camarillo using it with a low A as his standard tuning. I am particularly intrigued where Ramon discovered its benefits.

There is also a small body of discussion about E minor and D minor tunings for guitar (the six string version of this tuning) but I will stick to standard tuning when playing six strings.

But I am trying to decide whether to adopt it as my standard tuning for four strings as it seems to suit my style very well preferring triads to seventh chords.

Any comments received with thanks.


Jim Hanks
02-12-2018, 01:37 PM
Never tried it but I'd think it would be more effective in linear than reentrant. Doubling strings when you only have 4 to start with doesn't make sense to me.

As with all alternate tunings, you give up some things (or make them harder) in order to gain other things (or make them easier).