View Full Version : NUD Firefly bango uke from MFC

03-11-2018, 03:26 PM
I got this today after going through Craigslists in multiple areas.
Found a deal on this almost new one in San Diego.
The seller was getting rid of his banjoleles and I miss a deal on a Deering GoodTime. The seller was an interesting guy who had 3 Kimo custom tenors. Among others.

About the instrument. Its a concert M90 in walnut, and its just beautiful!
It has all the MFC bells and whistles, peghead tuning machines, wood fret board, and a pick up. Late serial number #5xxx.

My impressions after a short time with her, Its super light, amazingly so.
Its not as loud as my Fluke, but then my Fluke is really loud. No problem, I'll just plug it in if I need volume.
No sustain and a really plunky banjo sound, this maybe a gateway drug. Is Banjo Acquisition Syndrome a thing, cause I feel it coming on.
The neck profile is in Fluke like as well. More of a standard profile as opposed to the Fluke rounded off square.
Its super fun to play and my wife played it for 2 solid hours on our way home from San Diego. I need to put some serious effort in to claw hammer style now.

03-11-2018, 04:23 PM

I am so happy for you!

My local CL usually has lots of duds as far as ukes go.


Thanks for sharing :)