View Full Version : What kind of uke is that??

03-20-2018, 01:26 AM
In my ukulele obsessed research the last few weeks, I cam across a video of Tony Danza playing a uke for Rosie on her show years back. I like the looks of that little uke and was wondering if any of the experts here could tell me what kind it is. It is a bit paddle shaped and has a slotted headstock. I'm not sure how to imbed a video here so I will paste the link and see what happens...


03-20-2018, 01:37 AM

A lot of peeps should be able to pick this out :). I have one myself in Hibiscus.

03-20-2018, 04:37 AM
Flea ukes are pretty amazing ukes. Made in USA - very high quality and durable instruments.

I do recommend upgrading to the wooden fretboard and peghead tuners if you do get one.

03-20-2018, 04:39 AM
Thanks for the fast response! I hadn't actually ever seen a Flea even though I have heard them referred to in threads here. I may have to check them out! Very cute! :)

03-20-2018, 06:44 AM
Refer to this thread. They get a lot of love here...

I have the vanilla version, plastic fretboard, friction tuners and it's great. Instrument stands on its own because of the flat bottom. You think it's a novelty but it's pretty handy. I'm sure like most people, it's left in the living area, beside the couch or coffee table, and so easily accessible to pickup + play. So not a garage queen Ukulele hiding away in a case with a humidifier getting NO LOVE :) hehe